Friday, 31 of July of 2015

What is Shadow DNA?


Not long ago biochemists, molecular biologists and biomedical researchers had thought we were fashioned from about only three to ten percent of our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and the rest was, ostensibly, junk, left over from evolution.

Today, scientists are discovering that DNA transcends matter, space and time. It holds legacies (memories), of not only our physical predecessors, but also of all the events of our own past, future and multi-dimensional encounters.

DNA holds the essential blueprint for all biological life.  It consists of a sugar base, phosphates, and a sequencing of nucleotides.

DNA has two physical strands wrapped around each other in a helix.  The strands are held in place by four chemicals called bases: (A) adenine, (G) guanine, (C) cytosine and (T) thymine.  The bases are paired up in a specific manner to form units called base pairs – adenine always pairs with thymine and cytosine always pairs with guanine.

DNA contains the encoded information of both your physical and spiritual lineage.  It determines your physical form, spiritual gifts and much more.  Within your DNA is the master plan for your life purpose and divine potential.  It is the original model of who you are and of what you are about.

There are also “shadow” strands or “dark matter” strands (once referred to as junk DNA) held within the etheric body.

Scientific discoveries have revealed an additional ten strands within the physical Double Helix, which they have named “shadow strands.”

Transformative Chi concept teaches that, lying upon the two biological strands of the Double Helix are at least twelve more double layers (24 strands) that are immediately accessible. These ten extra-dimensional aspects are paired to work as teams of non-physical energy imprints in the human energy field.  They are electromagnetic and hold the codes for the evolvement of our emotional, psychic and spiritual DNA. They are our past, present and future.  They are of what we now subsist and of what we are soon to become.

This extraordinary phenomenon is even more fantastic – for it is now speculated that the number of double layers is 74 (144 strands).  There may be even more and the actual total could be unfathomable.  These are not separate layers, but integral, extra-dimensional aspects connected to the two biological strands.   Some interface biologically with the double helix.

For years Transformative Chi facilitators have worked with the twelve more accessible Strands of DNA.  The ten extra-dimensional aspects are paired to work as teams of non-physical energy imprints in the human energy field.  Subjective numbers have been given to the six pair of DNA strands with which we work.

1st Pair: “Physical Bond”

The two strands most generally understood by science are responsible for all aspects of the physical body.  They organize and direct genetic patterning.  They give the directives that predisposition a person toward certain health conditions, aging processes, metabolism, etc.  

2nd Pair: “Etheric Bond”

These two strands of extra-dimensional DNA manage the genetic emotional profile, including its inclination toward certain emotional conditions.  Among its varied responsibilities, the Etheric Bond inclines the emotions as to whether one should be a type “A” or “B” personality, an introvert or extrovert, et cetera.

3rd Pair: Psychic Bond

It is on these two layers of extra-dimensional DNA that we discover the genetic mental profile.  This establishes where one’s mental energy will be directed, i.e., toward logical, linear, rational thinking or toward the intuitive, artistic expression.  This bond predisposes whether one is an optimist or a pessimist.

4th Pair: “Soul Bond”

Upon these layers of extra-dimensional DNA is what has been called Karma.  “Soul Bond” controls karmic patterning and the genetic soul profile.  It is predisposition or an inclination brought into this lifetime.  Although it includes, what have been called, karmic wounds, it is simply unfinished energy.  Look at it as a computer still running a program.  If one knows the commands, the program may be finished at any time, through a variety of directives.

5th Pair: “Astral Bond”

Imprinted on these two extra-dimensional DNA layers is the pattern of the solar system’s magnetic influence, coupled with the gravity of where and when one was born.  This magnetic/biological combination is what causes us to react to the solar system.  This phenomenon gave birth to astrology.

6th Pair: “Transformative Bond” 

Imprinted upon these extra-dimensional DNA layers is the ability to create and re-create.  It is the most spiritual part of our DNA.  It oversees all of creation and aligns the 12-strands with the Universe.  Since 1991 Keith Coleman Pierce, founder of Transformative Ch’i, has accessed the “Transformative Bond” to facilitate quantum healing.

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Keith Coleman Pierce, founder of Transformative Ch’i, is now semi-retired. However, he may be reached at  Please Note: Due to travel and other activities there may be delays in his response to your emails.




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